Reflection in Anish Kapoor sculpture, Venice, Italy

Reflection in Anish Kapoor sculpture, Venice, Italy

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"Afraid of our shadows" Cleon Peterson, Arthur Jafa, and Diego Rodriguez-Warner at MCA Denver (April 3, 2018, Studio Wyoming Review)

"Art strata: deposition and erosion as process and meaning" Jennie Kiessling's SAMEMIND (Feb. 20, 2018, Studio Wyoming Review)

"The allure of solid water" Scotty Craighead's Ice Chronicles (Dec. 12, 2017, Studio Wyoming Review)

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Art to the Fifth Power, review in Studio Wyoming Review /
Studio Visit Magazine Volume 36 (2016): Sibling Series, p. 180-181



Sue Sommers pursues painting, book art, printmaking, and collaborations on a cattle ranch in the Upper Green River Valley near Pinedale, Wyoming. She received her MFA from the University of Wyoming in 1992, and her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1982.

Sue serves on the National Advisory Board of the University of Wyoming Art Museum, helps support local and state arts organizations, teaches occasional workshops, and is a founder of Pipeline Art Project, a group of contemporary Wyoming artists "pumping art from the energy state of Wyoming."